Photoshop Tutorial – Awesome Lighting Effect color Blending

Photoshop Tutorial - Awesome Lighting Effect color Blending

Awesome Lighting Effect color Blending:-

Today’s tutorial will teach you how to create a Photoshop Tutorial – Lighting Effect | Fractal Shape, using Color Effects & Styles. This is little different tutorial, this time i ll show you how to use Fractal shapes to create amazing lighting effects. It looks complicated but its actually really easy and the people who are beginner in photoshop can also follow it without any problem.

The stock image is also very beautiful, i ll show how to cut out it from the background and also i ll show basic dodge and burn and how to match models color with the fractals that we will add.

Main part is how to use warp properly to adjust shape according to your model. You will have to use it on every shape, and after a while its easy to get used to.



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